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Nature experiences

Bird watching in the spring
When? Late April to June

Thousands of birds migrate to the archipelago early in the spring when the ice melts from the sea. You can be out there on the high seas watching the birds arrive by the hundreds. Let local people be your guide and take you out into the wilderness. Experience the smell of the sea, the sounds of the birds, the wind and waves. Return to the warmth of the fireplace to enjoy your dinner after an exciting day. Don’t forget to bring your camera.

Seal safaris
Visit the amazing habitat of grey seals and white-tailed eagles. Experience the magnificent archipelago and observe the grey seals in their natural surroundings. Soak in the breathtaking seascapes of the outer archipelago with its barren rocky islands. An experience in any season.

Duration: half-day trip, or as part of a bird-watching trip

Bee safari
When? 30th May to 20th August (when the bees are flying)

To bee or not to bee. The bees collect the purest honey from the unspoiled nature of the archipelago. A guided tour will show you how the bees collect and store honey, how they survive through the winter etc. A honey-tasting session can be arranged – there are many different types of honey to choose from. Visit the honey café with honey bagels, honey liqueur and beer, and buy freshly-made honey to take home.
Duration: half-day programme

Mushroom picking
When? Late August to early October

A guided mushroom picking excursion on the grounds of the estate. You can find many edible mushrooms and even cook your own meal from the day's finds.


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