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What's on?

One of the coldest months of the year with only a few hours of daylight. The temperature can be anywhere from -5 C to -25 C with beautiful starlit nights. The forest is sleeping and only the largest animals, such as elk, fox and rabbits can be seen. Depending on the amount of snow, you can see small tracks of rodents in the snow. Some birds stay over for the winter and the local people feed them and the other animals so that they can get by the winter. This is a good time for skiing, skating, pheasant shooting, ice fishing, Nordic walking and shopping.


This month can be even colder than January but the sun starts to shine a little even though it is not yet warm. The light this time of year is exquisite. People start to come out more for winter sports. Pheasant shoots are ending. Long walks in crackling snow, skating, ice fishing, skiing can be very enjoyable.

March is often full of sunshine glittering on the snow. Now the sun starts to get warm melting the snow and ice. Long walks on ice is a favourite with the Finns. Fill a backpack with lunch, coffee and tea, find yourself a good spot sheltered from the wind and have a picknick in the snow and ice. A good time for walking, skiing, ice fishing, just enjoying the snow and weather.

April is full of expectation. No day is the same. It can be warm or it can be cool to cold but for sure, summer is on the way. People start taking chairs outside and sit inside warm blankets drinking hot chocolate. Everyone is outside. The sunshine is warm, the air is clear, the snow and ice is melting. Birds start their migration and come to the archipelago by the thousands. Their cries can be heard miles around. Bird watching and seal safaris are starting. Cycling and kayaking can be enjoyed again.

The snow has now melted although there is still a small chill in the air in the evenings. This is a busy time when everyone puts their boats back into the water. All kinds of fishing is very popular because the waters are still quite cold and the catch is good. This is the best time for bird watching and seal safaris. Walking, cycling, hiking, fishing, outside yoga, jogging, kayaking are all enjoyed in May.

Summer has arrived. All the flowers are starting to bloom and nature is all shades of green again. The bees are flying and collecting honey. End of June we have only a couple of hours of dusk as night – otherwise it is daylight, over 20 hours/day! Fishing is good, walking, cycling, hiking and all types of activities are very popular, also bird watching and seal safaris. Many different happenings are being organised throughout the archipelago. Market places offer a display of local goods. People from cities move to their cottages and enjoy their summer close to nature.

July is the holiday month in Finland. Lots and lots of activities are everywhere in the archipelago.
There are lots of boats out with people going out to near-by islands for the day. Walking, cycling, swimming and all outdoor activities are now possible. The summers are so short in Finland that the wild flowers bloom during a very short period, practically all at the same time. Shopping and antique markets can be visited. Local market places, local handicraft shops and cafes are all welcoming visitors.

Summer is still in the air but the nights start to get darker. It is time to start lighting up the yard with lanterns. All activities with boats are very popular. Cycling along fields of wheat and wild flowers is an experience not to be missed. Take a ferry to the islands, or visit local historical sights. The air is mellow in August.

A scent of autumn is now in the air. Leaves are starting to turn red and yellow. All outside sports are still possible and fun. Fishing is good again with colder waters. Pheasant and partridge shoots are starting. The bees have gone to sleep. Mushrooms can be found. Migrating birds are starting to fly South in large formations.

Nights are getting longer now. It can still be warm outside, or very cold. The nature is all colors of red, yellow and brown. Nordic walks are very popular, so is cycling, fishing, pheasant and partridge shoots. The leaves are starting to fall from the trees and most of the birds are on their way to warmer climates. Mushrooms can be picked until frost sets in. Sometimes snow falls in October.

The first snow often falls in November but the sea is still open. The light is fading quickly and the dusk time is getting longer. Starlit nights are beautiful. All outdoor activities are still possible. Weather allowing, kayaking is still possible but warm clothing is a must. All types of fishing is very good and pheasant shoots are continuing. Most boats are still out on the sea but are being taken on dry land for the winter months. Local historical sights can be visited.

Christmas is just around the corner. The sea is still open and fishing is very good. Often snow falls also in December and Christmas is usually white. Many outdoor sports are possible but people prefer to stay indoors much more. This is the time to pack a picknick basket and go into the forest to cut down your own Christmas tree.


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